El Cangrejal Development


Location: Bogota, Colombia
Status: Urban Study
Size: 970 Apartments (100 m2 each)
10,000 m2 of Local Commerce

About the project: This was a conceptual design of a master plan for an area of 17 hectares in the North of Bogota. Intended for a middle class demographic, the idea was to develop a community within an area that is under development that dedicated a large portion to nature while encompassing pleasant living quarters. To improve conditions of El Cangrejal, we sought to develop an internal commerce route that from an urban perspective would generate movement and revenue within the area. Our goal was to create a system of public spaces that were interconnected and created a variety of different public spaces, walkways, play areas and gardens. The commercial spaces were designed to face the highway which meets El Cangrejal, while the apartment buildings are placed irregularly sharing a common entrance space. Placed strategically to face the mountainside, El Cangrejal boasts beautiful views of the southern part of Bogota and its incredible mountain ranges.