SANU - IIEC Instituto Internacional de Especialidades Complejas


SANU - International Institute for Complex Specialities

Location: San Salvador, El Salvador
Status: Under Development (2015)
Size: 7,800 M2 / 84,000 SQ. FT.

About the project: Although El Salvador has facilities that were designed from the ground up as hospitals; most are public, government managed institutions. These facilities lack the latest technology in medical care, are commonly underfunded, and politically managed, which yields for slow advancements. The design of the IIEC is intended to foster the latest technology and training in the clinical field. The building is designed to function as an advanced select service hospital. The implementation of the iMRI allows for imaging to be readily available for surgery. Emergency is designed to receive extremely complex trauma cases and many functions serve ambulatory treatments. Level 2 is assigned to administration and training, level 3 for hospital beds. Levels 4, 5 and 6 are flex medical offices that can be converted to hospital rooms based on need. This state-of-the-art facility has been of interest to institutions like Holy Cross Health out of Maryland and Hospital Diagnostico in El Salvador.