Inca Inca Hotel


Location: Bahia Inca Inca, Santa Marta, Colombia
Status: Conceptual Study
Size: Apartment complex and Hotel Resort

About the project: This is a conceptual study for an exceptional site facing the Caribbean Sea, near the city of Santa Marta. The Inca Inca project is located on the bay with the same name, and was composed of apartment buildings and a Resort Hotel. These would share the marina, beaches and multiple amenities throughout the area. The concept was to generate a series of ‘blocks’ of stepping apartments that conform to the steep topography, creating common spaces and access. The blocks were laid out radiating from the center (common areas) ensuring a prominent view to the open sea. The volumes also create the semi-open terraces of each apartment that act as private recreation spaces, spas and reflecting pools. The terrace roof overhangs would read as ship sails from the distance over the coast.

The Resort would occupy the south area as phase II of the project.