Park Grove Residence Under Construction

Park Grove residence is a new 5,300 sq.ft. home inspired by the Florida Modern Movement that took place throughout the State between the mid 1940’s to 1970. During that period many modern homes that were built exhibit linear, open, elegant architecture.

Coconut Grove proves to be an ideal setting for modern homes surrounded by abundant landscape. The design for this home uses cantilevered geometric shapes oriented to different views of the site. Slender columns are introduced to evoke lightness, elegance and shadows on the front façade. Through the open glass walls that make up the main living space, one can see the depth of the lush setting of the house from the street.

The house’s lay-out is ideal for entertainment, at the same time spaces were created for quiet retreat. The home also consists of three independent bedrooms with bathrooms, a generous master bedroom, family room, guest room and maid’s room, all gathered around an open and luminous living area that faces the exuberant vegetation of the backyard patio.

Tequesta Residence - Design approved & on its way to permitting!

The design for the Tequesta Residence is approved and on its way to permitting! It is a Coconut Grove single family home with a modern expression.

A double height entryway slices through the home, opening a clear view to the pool deck & garden. This space filters light to the public living space and divides two private areas on the second floor (the master bedroom on the east and the regular bedrooms on the west). Each area is translated into a volume with its own identity; the contrasting forms float and shift apart from the base, cantilevering to make different programs, engaging the outdoors.

With an open flowing floor plan, sleek built in kitchen, various materials, and plenty of interaction with the outdoors, this home sets itself apart from the context while remaining a surprise within Coconut Grove’s greenery.

The Tree House - Almost ready!

The ‘Tree House’ in Coconut Grove was designed by Peter Augustus Jefferson, FAIA in 1985. Mr. Jefferson was an award winning architect; he started his practice in Miami where he designed several homes inspired by the Florida Cracker house and others with a Sub-Tropical Modern flair inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Rudolph and Ralph Spencer Twitchell. The house at Camp Biscayne [Tree House] is nestled in a tropical hardwood Hammock, surrounded by large mature live oaks and saw palmettos. The home seems to sit on stilts, with most living spaces on a second level with cedar batten vaulted ceilings culminating on a clerestory balcony lookout. SOW Design Studio was commissioned in 2013 to add 1,500 s.f. and reconfigure the ground floor to become better integrated with the rest of the home. Staying respectful to the original design style, we opened an atrium leading up to the second (main) floor, adding a grander dimension to the space. We added two master bedrooms, bathrooms a cabana bath and updated the materials throughout, all without disturbing the lush surroundings. These are some of the progress construction pictures, final images to follow.

Coconut Grove's Raynolds Residence Design is Approved!

Located in lush Coconut Grove, the Raynolds Residence is designed to co-exist with nature in a densely vegetated corner lot and existing coral walls. The design features a contemporary white home with a tropical interpretation, mainly articulated through volumetric interventions with contrasting natural materials. An long roof eave creates a shady double height space in between the exterior & interior space; it becomes an extension of the home to lounge in the Floridian weather.