Vistas de Nunciatura 


Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Status: Completed (2013)
Size: 117 one, two, and three-bedroom Condominium Residences

About the project: This residential high-rise building designed for Grupo Leumi is located near the Sabana Metropolitan Park, overlooking the National Stadium of San Jose. The volume and articulation of the design was dictated by its special relationship to its bordering park 'Parque Peru' and its opportunity to provide long-range scenic views. The terracing roofline allows for views back to the mountain ranges while the jagged façade and volumetric placement allow for the full appreciation of the park.  All of the 117 apartments benefit from the particular shape of Nunciatura that which will provide at least one view to the park from every unit.  The size of the units range from 65m2 to 105m2 with one and two bedroom arrangements.