Peñalisa Residence


Location: Ricaurte, Colombia
Status: Construction to begin soon. (2016)
Size: 1000 m2 Private Summer House

About the project: This summer house is located within the Peñalisa Residential and Recreational Complex a couple of hours away from Bogota. With a topographic inclination of about 4000 m2 this site had a beautiful view into the golf course and recreational complex of Peñalisa. In order to take advantage of this view, alongside the warm tropical climate of this location, we designed an open circulatory house in  'U' shape that circles around an open garden, with all rooms facing the scenic views. This design maintains a fluid circulation of air, while aesthetically appearing to be light and welcoming. The open patio leads into all the social areas of the pool and balcony, interacting with the natural context of the house intelligently. This Summer house has six bedrooms plus a guestroom, with spacious service and social areas.