Rockerman Residence


Location: Coconut Grove, Florida
Status: Concept

5 Bedroom/4.5 Bath

4,453 Sq.Ft.

The small site for this house is wedged between a cul-de-sac to the east side and a water canal leading to Biscayne Bay to the west. The lot faces as well a beautiful and leafy green park to the west. The restricted FEMA standards obligates the main living area of the house to be placed 9’-0” above a free open area. The ground level will be only occupied by the garage, the main entrance and stair system this creates a covered living terrace garden adjacent to the dock. The complex site form, generated the form solution for the house, that consists of a curved wall and a void that creates the arrival courtyard. The function of the house works around the open court that allows light, and privacy at the same time. The house was intended to be built with different textures of row traditional materials, expressed in a very contemporary vocabulary. All the main spaces face the west with views to the park, canal and Biscayne Bay. All views will be framed by a system of sliding wood louvers to the west, so to protect the glazed spaces from direct sunlight at different times of the afternoon.