Shore Crest Villas


Location: Miami Shores, Florida
Status: Under Construction (2015)
Size: 16 Residences (1,200 sq. ft. each)

About the project: Shore Crest is comprised of four adjacent independent lots. Each lot is designed as four, two-bedroom units with adequate green space and private parking. By placing the entrances facing each other, a courtyard was designed to provide gardens and an open area between the houses. This access courtyard became an opportunity for interaction between the residents, a circulatory access point to the amenities in the rear, and for the creation of patches of formal landscaping. The buildings were articulated by raising the ceiling in the living room space on each unit, allowing for natural light to enter, and giving the feel of an airy volume that extends to the outdoor roofed space. The composition of the elevations incorporates corrugated metal, large openings and large overhangs to evoke the contemporary regional architecture of the Florida modernist style.