Tigertail Residence


Location: 2320 Tigertail Drive, Coconut Grove, Florida.
Status: Completed (2015)
Size: 1500 sq. ft. 

About the project: For this complete renovation, influenced by the iconic modernist style of Florida, SOW design took into great consideration the historical values of this home to give old architectural characteristics a new image. The original home, was a standard bungalow that was later renovated in the 70's and transformed into a modern one story residence nestled amidst several old live oak trees.  During the design process, we reconfigured the entire ground floor for better flow and took advantage of the experience of 'being among the trees' to add a second story of bedrooms facing the grove. The original roof was kept to pay a homage to the historic value of the area, but to also exemplify an eclectic mix between contemporary and traditional characteristics of architecture. A pool and outside area was also created for the residents to truly experience the feeling of being amongst nature once stepping outside.